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How To Use

All general questions about our app.
How to create presentation. Step 1- Presentation Properties

Create your interactive presentation in three steps. Enter the basic characteristics of your presentation below following the instructions in right and press the «Next» to continue. Presentation URL: All of your interactive elements will be accesable for audience They will be follow one by one according to your presentation scenario. You сan choose your individual variant. The URL must contain three digits or letters.
How to create presentation. Step 2 – Presentation Files

Now it is time to upload your presentation files to INPRES. Please, follow the instruction below and upload your material. After it press the «Next» button. Upload your presentation files from your computer to set the access to them to your audience. Your presentation will be available at your presentation URL or E-mail bot. The maximum file size of your presentation should not be more than 5 MB. The storage time in your account is 1 month. If you don't need it in your presentation - just press the «Next» button
How to create presentation. Step 3 – Questions themes

For engage your audience more, use the interactive way of audience questions. You can set determinate themes of questions you want to answer to your audience.
How to create presentation. Step 4 – Surveys

Collect the data about your audience with online surveys after your presentation.
How to create presentation. Step 5 – Speaker Feedback Themes

Learn the audience opinion about your presentation. Follow the instruction below and make your feedback themes list now. Your presentation is almost ready. Please choose the amount your participants and start your performance

Technical questions

All technical questions about our app.
How to intall Powerpoint Add Ins

Model for PowerPoint is available for download in the Microsoft Office Store anywhere in the world. The module is free and work with MS Office 2013 SP1 and 2016