Terms And Conditions.

Basic obligations
1. You must provide accurate information about who you are, like your name and email. You can't share your account with others. You must be a living human, not a bot.
2. You're responsible for maintaining the security of your account.
3. One person or legal entity may not maintain more than one free account.
4. You are solely responsible for downgrading to the free plan in order to cancel paid service, and for saving your confirmation number. You can always verify a successful downgrade on your account page.
5. You aren't allowed to reverse engineer the site or hack it.
6. We can change these Terms at any time.

End User License Agreement
Important read the terms of this agreement (“License agreement”) carefully before using these services and this software. By using these services and this software, you acknowledge that you have read this license agreement, that you understand it, and that you agree to be bound unconditionally by its terms. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this license agreement, you may not access or use the services or software.
For purposes of this License Agreement, the following terms will have the following meanings:

“Account” means the INPRES Account system, available for both speakers and participants, that connects an Authorized User to INPRES products. INPRES Accounts provide a unique identifier for each Authorized User and can be tied to all software accounts and response devices.

“Authorized User” (“User”) means any person designated to access and use the INPRES Software. Authorized Users include Speakers and Participants.

“Speakers” means professors/business trainers/other speakers, who are Authorized Users and who have adopted certain specified learning materials for teaching or presenting for their audience.

“Participants” means an Authorized User of an Account for purposes of participation in presentation. They are personnel of companies, students or other listeners.

"Basis version" means using the INPTRES service for free and includes the primary services.

“Terms” means these listed terms and conditions as set forth in this License Agreement.

“Third Party Software” means any third-party software solutions provided or made available as part of the Services to Client or to an Authorized User, as well as all media, documentation and data made available that is related to such software.

In registering for the Services, you agree to:
(1) provide true, current, and complete registration data;
(2) maintain and promptly update the registration data to keep it true, current, and complete. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your Account. You may not share your Account or password with anyone, and you agree to notify Turning immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or any other breach of security. You agree not to create or access an Account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself. You agree that you shall not have more than one Account at any given time. You agree not to create an Account or use the INPRES Site or Software if you have been previously removed by INPRES, or if you have been previously banned from any of the Services or Software.

Terms of services

1. License Fees and Activation
a. If applicable, you are obligated to pay (or the Client, if applicable, is obligated to pay) all license fees and any other payment agreed to be made for, or due for, the granting of the license by INPRES and rights in this License Agreement to you or the Client for the Term (collectively, the “License Fees”). You or the Client, as applicable, shall pay all License Fees in immediately available indefeasible unconditional funds without any set-off or deduction. All License Fees are exclusive of any taxes or other governmental or governmentally or legally imposed charges, fees, costs, or expenses, all of which shall be due in addition to the License Fees.
b. In the event that the Term is the Indefinite Term, the License Fees, if applicable, are due in total at the time of your (or the Client’s) acceptance pursuant to the applicable written agreement for licensing the Software or Services, or such other due date(s) as INPRES expressly agreed to otherwise in a written agreement. If all or any part of the License Fees has not been paid or received by INPRES, INPRES has the right to terminate this License Agreement and the license and rights to you (and the Client, if applicable) at any time with immediate effect.
c. In the event that the Term is the Limited Term, the License Fees for the Initial Period are due in total at the time of your (or the Client’s) acceptance pursuant to the applicable written agreement for licensing the Software or Services and the License Fees for a Renewal Period are due on the first day of such Renewal Period. If all or any part of the License Fees for a Renewal Period has not been paid or received by INPRES. INPRES has the right to terminate this License Agreement and the license and rights to you (and the Client, if applicable) at any time with immediate effect.

2. Responsibility for Content
You acknowledge that all content posted by a party other than INPRES (including a User) is the sole responsibility of the party from whom such content originated. This means that you, and not INPRES, are entirely responsible for all content that you upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available through the INPRES Services or Software. Other Authorized Users of the INPRES Services or Software, and not INPRES, are similarly responsible for all content posted by them through the INPRES Services or Software.
You acknowledge that INPRES has no obligation to pre-screen content (including, without limitation, your content and other Authorized User content), although Turning reserves the right in its sole discretion to pre-screen, refuse, or remove any content that violates any law or regulation, violates these Terms, and/or otherwise creates liability for INPRES.

3. Prohibited activities
You shall not access or use, or attempt to access or use, the INPRES services to take any action that harm the Provider or any other person or entity, interfere with the operation of the sli.do services, or use the INPRES services in a manner that could violate any laws.
You must not modify, adapt or hack our site or modify another website so it falsely implies that it is associated with our site.
While using the sli.do services you undertake not to submit any information or other content that would:
• infringe the copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property right of any person;
• be false, misleading, libellous, slanderous, abusive, obscene, hateful, threatening, harassing, or sexually-explicit;
• infringe any person’s right to private or publicity;
• contain advertising or a solicitation of any kind;
• impersonate any other person or entity;
• degrade others on the basis of gender, national origin, race, class, ethnicity, religion, orientation or identity, disability;
• contain material intended to intimidate or to incite violence;
• upload or otherwise transmit any communication, software, or material that contains a virus or is otherwise harmful to the Provider or the Provider’s costumers.
You must not violate any laws in your jurisdiction while using the INPRES site.

4. Prohibited Conduct
INPRES prohibits any use of the Site or Service, for:
posting any information which is incomplete, false, inaccurate or not your own, trade secrets or material that is copyrighted or otherwise owned by a third party unless you have a valid license from the owner which permits you to post it or material that infringes on any other intellectual property, privacy or publicity right of another. You are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Site, Service or INPRES's network security.

Privacy Policy
For singing up at our Service you will be asked to provide your personal information to us. INPRES use of any information you provide shall be governed by these Terms & Conditions and our Privacy & Confidentiality Policy available at https://inpres.com/public/PrivacyAndConfidentiality. We urge you to read our Privacy & Confidentiality Policy, which is hereby incorporated into and made a part of these Terms & Conditions.

A breach of any of the above mentioned obligations is considered a fundamental breach of contract and the Provider will be entitled to unilaterally terminate the provision of its services with immediate effect and cancel and erase all the information and accounts of the person committing such a breach.

If you have questions regarding this License Agreement, or wish to obtain additional information, please send an e-mail to info@inpres.com