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  • Posted 10/27/2016


Dear friends!

We are happy to announce our new project!

INPRES - is a convenient service that allows you to supplement your presentation with cool interactive elements interacting with the audience.

If you want to involve the audience in your presentations more effective and exciting for participants, the INPRES functionality created especially for you.

What can you do with this service?

1. To learn the opinion and emotions of the audience through a variety of surveys - from simple polls with answers to funny Emoji votes or complex 2D votes.

2. To display the view of the audience on the slides of your presentation online (more than 30 types of reports - from infographics to reports segmented by gender/age).

3. To recieve questions from the audience. Participants can choose the best, and you display it on the slides in your presentation online.

4. To get real audience feedback on the presentation results by ratings and comments.

5. Better know your audience and its preferences to carry out surveys at the end of the presentation, including prefilling questionaries with data from social network profiles of participants.

6. To provide easy access to the files of your presentation (there is embedded File Bot with the ability to download or send materials to e-mail).

Currently, the service is a unique product that has no analogues in the world. Why:

• it is the most functional (as you can see from the description of possibilities above)

• it is the most convenient and "frictionless" - you just flip over the presentation slides, and the service makes other - launches the interactive elements (poll, survey, etc.), reminds participants by PUSH notifications of start and it passes listeners to the page of interactive element, displays the actions of the participants in online mode (for example, voting results)

• it is closely integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint - module for embed interactive elements into your presentation.  Even right now you can already download in the MS Office Store

• it is multilingual - 14 language packs are available

• it is designed not to spoil, but to complement the presentation of the interfaces are configured exactly the design of your presentation - a million color schemes and 10 fonts are availiable

• there are integrated scenarios of speech – you can customize the order of appearance and sequence of infographics. For example, after General voting results you can show segmented results by gender or age.

• it provides charts embedded in the content of your presentation to get the opinion of your audience about the information you show, without a separate slide to take the survey.

• there are a lot of templates and interactive elements for quick start.

• and it is cheaper

Even now, you, your friends, colleagues, can use INPRES in public performance, conferences, meetings, sales presentations, training sessions, workshops, university events, etc.

We ask you to support our team and our product - we would be grateful if you will become our customers and give us your recommendations for the service, as well as share this post with your friends.


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