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  • Posted 9/25/2016


Before every presentation you are interested in “how can I engage my audience and make my presentation interactive?” Let your audience participate in your presentation and feel themselves the part of your performance. All you need are 7 primary rules:

1. Poll your audience. Learn the audience opinion by polls using online polls to see the results in real time. You will be confident they are involved and they will know you appreciate their attention.

2. Test your audience. In the beginning or in the end give a quiz for assess their interests and their level of awareness about your presentation topic.

3. Use the media. The more video, pictures you use, the more audience engagement you have. Media files attract attention and allow remember more.

4. Ask participants to introduce themselves. Before you start the presentation let the members to introduce themselves or if there are a lot of check the data about your audience by online.

5. Tell real stories. For illustrate your points use examples from real life. Particapants will remember it better than preparing text. 6. Use feedback. Every participant has his own opinion about your skills and usefulness of your presentation. Let them give a feedback and see your growth zones. 7. Make amazing presentation. Adhere the minimalism style for your slides. Everybody likes to see attractive presentation with clear ideas.

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